How LVT wiped the floor with natural flooring… The rise in trend of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) is the hottest floor covering product to arrive on the flooring market since ‘wall to wall’ carpet created a buzz in the 1950’s.

Vinyl flooring is not just for commercial buildings but is in fact emerging as THE trend in floor coverings for 2016. No longer is vinyl flooring thought of as a practical solution for ease of cleaning in warehouses, the luxury element means it has some of the most beautiful and elegant finishes that perfectly suit any kitchen, bathroom or welcoming hallway, in any home.

When replacing your floors, you want to choose a style that suits your tastes, doesn’t cost a small fortune and doesn’t look outdated after five years…

So you like wood floors?

Wood is great, we’ll agree. In the kitchen it tones in well with all colours, as a natural product it is perfect to be used where food is prepared and the garden is close by. However, the cost involved in the installation and upkeep of a good quality wood floor is often the factor that stops home owners choosing it, or causes budget cuts in other areas in the design, such as cabinets or appliances.


Luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

This is not real wood!

Luxury vinyl tile offers you the ideal cost effective alternative. The tiles are a convincing recreation of real wood, displaying graining and nature inspired inflections, just like the real thing. They even come supplied in planks, so the lay of the tiles emanates the style of real wood floors.

So you like stone floors?

Stone floors are truly decadent, especially if you’re matching walls, worktops or vanity units to the floor. However, as with a wood floor, real stone floors require a specialist fitter if you don’t want accidents or uneven joints, and a really good tile that isn’t laminated and shows chips, fetches a pretty penny. Once again the only alternative is luxury vinyl tile. Cold stone under foot, stains from spillages and chips from dropped knives (or damaged knives) are a thing of the past with LVT.

The natural luminescence of granite or marble, for example can be matched in luxury vinyl tile, and the more daring colours of quartz tiles are simple to parallel.


luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

And this is not actually stone…

In fact luxury vinyl tile is not only more cost effective, more simple to lay and easier to maintain than natural flooring alternatives, it is also safer in rooms where water is present and poses less of a slip risk.

So you like luxury vinyl tile?

The benefits of choosing luxury vinyl tile for your floor are clear;

  • Endless design choices
  • Realistic natural effects
  • Enhanced durability
  • Longevity in style


Have a look at some of these examples of just how well LVT parallels with natural wood and stone flooring and if you like what you see, phone us on 01865 821145 to enquire.

luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

Luxury vinyl tile in stone effect, by Polyflor


luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

Luxury vinyl tile in wood effect, by Polyflor


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Images courtesy of our preferred supplier, Polyflor