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We do furniture too…………

SPCarpets & Flooring have branched into the world of furniture and accessories.  We can now offer a bespoke furniture, rug, home accessory sourcing service.  If you know exactly what you want but are unable to find in on the hughstreet then please do drop us a line or call into the showroom to discuss your requirements and we will go that extra mile to help you achieve the look you want.


Grand Opening of our brand new Abingdon Showroom This Sunday 25th September 2016 11.30am – 3pm

a615ca82-8cd9-4879-9b9a-d675ada1334eWe’re really excited that the grand opening of our new showroom in Abingdon is now only days away.

Come along and see us anytime from 11.30am.

There is a lot to look forward to!

– See our exciting new showroom.
– Wide range of high-quality carpets, floorings and furnishings.
– Wear your best and most fancy footwear for our photo competition.
– Children’s entertainment with balloon modelling and creative colouring.
– Food and fizz.
– Special offers and discounts.
– Preview of newly added lines.
– Raffle fundraising for Sobell House.
– Ribbon cutting at midday.

As many of you know, we’re a long established family business, trading since 1999.
We pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful approach – if you’ve used us before, please spread the word – and if you haven’t, come and find out more about our fitting, design and advice service on September 25th!
Simon, Helen and the SP Carpets & Flooring Team.

How LVT wiped the floor with natural flooring… The rise in trend of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) is the hottest floor covering product to arrive on the flooring market since ‘wall to wall’ carpet created a buzz in the 1950’s.

Vinyl flooring is not just for commercial buildings but is in fact emerging as THE trend in floor coverings for 2016. No longer is vinyl flooring thought of as a practical solution for ease of cleaning in warehouses, the luxury element means it has some of the most beautiful and elegant finishes that perfectly suit any kitchen, bathroom or welcoming hallway, in any home.

When replacing your floors, you want to choose a style that suits your tastes, doesn’t cost a small fortune and doesn’t look outdated after five years…

So you like wood floors?

Wood is great, we’ll agree. In the kitchen it tones in well with all colours, as a natural product it is perfect to be used where food is prepared and the garden is close by. However, the cost involved in the installation and upkeep of a good quality wood floor is often the factor that stops home owners choosing it, or causes budget cuts in other areas in the design, such as cabinets or appliances.


Luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

This is not real wood!

Luxury vinyl tile offers you the ideal cost effective alternative. The tiles are a convincing recreation of real wood, displaying graining and nature inspired inflections, just like the real thing. They even come supplied in planks, so the lay of the tiles emanates the style of real wood floors.

So you like stone floors?

Stone floors are truly decadent, especially if you’re matching walls, worktops or vanity units to the floor. However, as with a wood floor, real stone floors require a specialist fitter if you don’t want accidents or uneven joints, and a really good tile that isn’t laminated and shows chips, fetches a pretty penny. Once again the only alternative is luxury vinyl tile. Cold stone under foot, stains from spillages and chips from dropped knives (or damaged knives) are a thing of the past with LVT.

The natural luminescence of granite or marble, for example can be matched in luxury vinyl tile, and the more daring colours of quartz tiles are simple to parallel.


luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

And this is not actually stone…

In fact luxury vinyl tile is not only more cost effective, more simple to lay and easier to maintain than natural flooring alternatives, it is also safer in rooms where water is present and poses less of a slip risk.

So you like luxury vinyl tile?

The benefits of choosing luxury vinyl tile for your floor are clear;

  • Endless design choices
  • Realistic natural effects
  • Enhanced durability
  • Longevity in style


Have a look at some of these examples of just how well LVT parallels with natural wood and stone flooring and if you like what you see, phone us on 01865 821145 to enquire.

luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

Luxury vinyl tile in stone effect, by Polyflor


luxury vinyl tile sp carpets

Luxury vinyl tile in wood effect, by Polyflor


Find out more on-line at SP Carpets

Images courtesy of our preferred supplier, Polyflor


Four things to consider when choosing your new carpet

In recent years the trend for hard floors has been replaced with a re-ignited desire for soft, sumptuous carpet. That’s right, the carpet is making a come-back! It could be part of a whole room remodel or the one way you’ve chosen to give your room a lift, extra comfort or change of style. But your main investment isn’t financial, it’s time – how do you know you’re still going to love the carpet you chose, in 10 years from now?


In this blog home page imagewe aim to highlight the main things to consider when choosing your new carpet. And if we’ve missed anything you’ve come across, we’d love to hear about it.







1: Room use

Foot traffic, animals, occasional use, the presence of food and proximity to the outside world all play a part in choosing which fibre, pile and colour is right for your room’s new carpet. For example, deeper pile, plush carpets tend to hold on to dirt particles, footprints and may suffer from the direction of the pile being permanently re-directed by heavy use.

2: Natural or synthetic?

There’s nothing quite as decadent as a sumptuous wool carpet, but there are many alternatives that closely emulate the same effect. Thanks to new technologies and a developing industry, synthetic fibre carpets are becoming more popular.

3: Budget

Finances needn’t be the first consideration anymore. As previously mentioned, the carpet manufacturing industry is rapidly developing some excellent carpets that also suit the lower budget. Your carpet fitter will be able to bring samples, so you can compare the more costly version to the more economical. Savings could also be made by choosing a lighter weight for an occasional room and a more hard wearing carpet in the same colour and style for a heavier use room.

4: Cleaning and stain protection

The only way to ensure your carpet sparkles with newness for longer is to make absolutely sure it is protected from stains. Regular professional cleaning often includes a stain protection application that will make sure your carpet is tip top from the BBQ season, through the gardening season and into the festive season.

The right carpet and the right carpet fitter

The best way to find the right carpet fitter is through a referral from a trusted source. If you’ve had any building or renovation work done, ask the trades for a recommendation. Many trades-people work on business referral because it’s a great way to build trust with their custo



The right carpet fitter will be happy to engage with you during the decision making process. They will have advice and insight which you may not have considered before and be able to recommend suitable substitutes for unsuitable choices and of course, come armed with samples!






Carpets will inevitably show signs of wear over a long period time, but the wrong carpet will build dirt, become worn and pick up stains more easily and may even resist even your best cleaning efforts. By spending time on our four considerations, you can increase the longevity of your new carpet and get more enjoyment from the comfort your choice brings.

If you would like to meet our professional carpet fitter and find out more about how we can help you make the right choice for carpet, please give us a call on 01865 821145, or fill out our contact form.


And for advice on professional carpet cleaning and stain protection, get in touch with our recommended professionals, Grimebusters. We trust the businesses we make referrals for and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results from Oxford’s premier carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Recent testimonial

We’d like to share a testimonial that came in this morning…

“Dear Simon

I write to thank you for the excellent service that you provided when fitting carpets to the bedrooms, landing and stairs. They look excellent and the service was great, especially working around two different installation dates, so that everything happened in the right order.

The job was done quickly and efficiently and we are very happy with the result.

Thanks again for your efforts. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

Yours sincerely
David and Lucy”

If you need a carpet fitter that can easily co-ordinate with other trades and negotiate ‘awkward’ timings, then get in touch for a chat on, 01865 821145 mobile 07749 830722 or email here

Please welcome our apprentice – Luke and how to get an apprentice of your own

Meet Luke…

Q: Did you make a choice between a college course and work based learning?

Not really. SP Carpets is our family business and there aren’t really any colleges that offer training in such a specialised trade and skill. It made sense to go down the apprenticeship route so I could benefit from on the job training, earn money and support the family business at the same time.
Q: What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I knew I needed to be qualified for the job I want to do in the future and an apprenticeship seemed the quickest way to start work. Plus it was easy to do. There weren’t many forms to fill out and my employer was very supportive.
Q: Do you think that any new apprentices that might start will feel just as valuable in the workplace as qualified workers?

Yes, definitely! There is a great family feeling with SP Carpets and not just because we are related! Anyone else who might start as an apprentice can expect to be welcomed and valued just as highly.


Q: Would you recommend an apprenticeship to a friend?

Absolutely. The chance to earn money while working on qualifications in your chosen career is a no-brainer to me.

Why did we choose an apprentice over an already skilled worker?

SP Carpets’ theory is the same as many others. We want to improve the industry in which we work by providing the best skilled workers to expand it. Our company’s mission is to make the most of the latest training and technology to ensure your carpet fitting experience runs as smoothly and as uneventfully as possible. Training enthusiastic carpet fitters alongside highly skilled technicians with this purpose is the best way we can grow the industry and fill it with like-minded tradesmen.

If we can demonstrate to our apprentices that we care for them and have a vested interest in their future, then we can hope that our business grows with these purpose driven, newly skilled fitters and they stick around to work for us for a long after achieving their qualifications.

How do apprenticeships work for companies?

We’re talking about ‘modern apprenticeships’, rather than a contract that includes a period of time for training on the job. In our case there is a third party who provides Luke’s training towards the nationally recognised Level 2 in Textile & Impervious Flooring qualification.

If an individual is taking a national apprenticeship it is made up of 4 qualifications: a technical certificate (Level 2 in Textiles & Impervious Flooring) a Level 2 NVQ Diploma which is an assessment based qualification, Level 1 or 2 Functional Skills and ERR (Employment Rights and Responsibilities).

The interesting part is, apprentices don’t need to be new employees, they can be current staff members who wish to expand their capacity for work and growing your business.

We have an agreed contract with Luke to pay at least the minimum wage (grants are available) and to provide him with experienced staff members to work alongside. Luke has a set number of hours to work each week which is also contracted and he has specific and measurable skills to learn. We, as his employer, must allow time for study outside of his workload.

How do you get an apprentice for your company?

There is a lot of advice out there for any business that is considering taking on an apprentice. We would recommend as the first place to start on-line, but we are happy to talk about our experiences if you would like to give us a call. We are very proud to be employers that support apprenticeships and we believe the scheme fits with our ideals as employers that support the industry growth on the whole and that trains exceptional young people to become exceptional service providers.

Give us a ring on 01865 821145 or 07709 266540 if you have any questions. Or follow the links below:


Take on an apprentice – Overview:



The best wet room flooring..?

When you’re in the planning stage of building yourself a wet room, you will need to consider a number of things. The benefits to wet rooms, layout, finish, final style and heating. Read on to discover the answers you are looking for and ultimately, which is the best wet room flooring?

JS House of Design Wet room

1 Photo courtesy of J&S House of Design


Pros and cons of wet rooms

The main benefits to removing your bath and creating a wet room is for ease of access and creating a five star hotel look for your bathroom. On top of this if you have a small room, it seems to create space, with uninterrupted wet room flooring the eye is not distracted by division in the room.


Pro Con
Anyone can have one Nearby materials can get wet (robes / towels)
Creates a high style, modern look Professional fitters required
Great in limited space Porous tiles will need re-sealing 4-5 times a year
Easier to keep clean Might be less appealing to buyers
Sub-structure of floor is better protected


Once you’ve decided a wet room is right for you, then you need to consider the layout and style you want. Most wet rooms are replacing bath tubs and so the layout is pre-determined by the plumbing, but your architect will help you if you are building a new room.

Final style

The five star hotel look is hugely popular in wet rooms, giving a contemporary look. Again, the uninterrupted floor, coupled with floor to ceiling tiles is the way to achieve this. If you do need to protect fabrics such as towels and robes from spray, consider glass partitions rather than doors, saving space and adding to the luxurious feel.

wet rooms flooring


Heating a wet room

If you’re trying to achieve luxury hotel style, underfloor heating is the way to go – do away with radiators and ask your fitter to quote for underfloor heating. The advantages of this being that your floor will dry quicker, your feet will always be warm and you will gain more wall space. The disadvantage may be that your towels won’t be warmed, but you can always consider a small heated towel rail for this.


wet flooring under floor heating


The best wet room flooring

If you prefer tiles or laminate, the best wet room flooring absolutely must be non-slip and preferably non-porous. Tiles are widely available from many high street shops and can be laid by yourself if you are confident. Remember, this tile in particular must be perfectly laid to prevent trip hazards and minor injuries to bare feet. Porous tiles, such as marble and limestone will need resealing every few months, but certainly offer a decadent style.

Vinyl wet room flooring by Polyflor

Low maintenance alternatives to tiles are Polysafe Hydro and Polysafe Hydro Evolve. Two of the leading vinyl safety floorings specifically for wet room flooring. Both manufactured with sustainable slip resistance and high durability they come in a range of finishes and are an ideal alternative to high cost, high maintenance flooring.

wet room flooring

2 Polysafe Hydro

wet room flooring

3 Polysafe Hydro Evolve

This choice of wet room flooring features safety aggregates in the vinyl and a raised pimple emboss for added grip. They are especially safe for disabled adaptations whilst still stylish, allowing that uninterrupted look of a luxury hotel.

wet room flooring


Polysafe Hydro and Hydro Evolve are perfectly suited for continued wet and barefoot areas, eliminating trip and slip hazards. Our favourites in these ranges are the White Stone in Hydro and Amazon in Hydro Evolve, as seen above. Slip resistant flooring no longer looks commercial but is now beautifully stylish and fits ideally into any home.

wet room flooring


For professional advice on laying on laying wet room flooring please get in touch and we will be happy to talk through your requirements.

sp carpets and flooring


Polyflor: Wet room flooring

Advantages and disadvantages taken from: House to Home

Underfloor heating picture from: Wikipedia

Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl floor tiles for commercial use

Vinyl flooring is primarily chosen for commercial properties and high traffic areas, due to its durability and low cost. Maintenance of vinyl flooring is very easy, if it is laid by professionals a single tile can be replaced as required. The finished floor can undergo repeated buffing and re-sealing of the surface to bring it up to stringent hygiene standards or to improve the polished look as often as necessary. Vinyl flooring is available in a comprehensive range of colours, making it ideal for colour matching corporate branding and creating coloured ‘zones’ for specific uses. Most manufacturers of vinyl flooring include designs that resemble natural materials and one of our favourite vinyl flooring manufacturers, Polyflor has created highly authentic wood, stone, slate and metallic collections. “Realistic surface textures and polyurethane reinforcement make it ideal for commercial and residential sectors” – Polyflor

SP Carpets favourite Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles designs

Two years ago, Simon learned to create unique patterns in Luxury Vinyl Tiles, allowing SP Carpets to fit custom designs to the customer’s specifications. We have extensive knowledge of the products from Polyflor and understand the numerous and particular applications, especially for commercial operation. Some of our favourites include:

Expona Commercial Wood

expona-commercial-wood-SP-Carpets-luxury-vinyl-floor-tiles-LVT   Expona Commercial Wood is a range that emanates the natural beauty of wood floors and brings a comfortable and yet luxurious feel to your workplace. The luxury vinyl tiles come in a wide choice of designs, as shown here. Designs can be chosen that mix the colours giving a textured finish, or single colours for a more refined look. Exppona-Luxury-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets

2000 PUR

2000-pUR-Luxury-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets The bold colours in the 2000 PUR range are perfect for corporate designs. Polyflor say, “High performance combined with optimum style enables the transformation of any commercial environment” Bright-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets-Luxury-Vinyl-Tiles

Polysafe Astral

Polysafe-Polyflor-Luxury-Vinyl-Flooring-SP-Carpets The safety aspect of this well-established safety flooring range provides superior non-slip surfaces. 14 vibrant shades make it an easy choice for any commercial application and the ground-breaking Polysafe PUR finish means it stays looking better for longer and doesn’t stain.   Luxury-Viny-Floor-Tiles-Polyflor-Polysafe-Colors-Sp-Carpets

Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl floor tiles from SP Carpets

These are just a few of our favourite vinyl flooring products available from just one of our chosen manufacturers. If you need to replace your commercial floor and are considering vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl floor tiles, get in touch with one of our professional floor-layers and we will happily advise you on your options and the process. Polyflor SP Carpets homepage

Recycling carpets – SP Carpets and Flooring want to help

Every month SP Carpets and Flooring removes literally tonnes of old carpet from homes and businesses in the Oxfordshire area. In fact according to Carpet Recycling UK, every year 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is buried in UK landfill sites. It is an aspiration of our company to offer a full carpet recycling or re-distribution service for all our clients, both domestic and commercial, taking an active part in the reduction of this waste.

Carpet Recycling-SP Carpets-New carpet Oxfordshire


How is carpet recycled?

SP Carpets and Flooring is currently in the process of applying for membership with Carpet Recycling UK. The main endeavour of the scheme is to divert waste from landfill.

“Carpet Recycling UK is a not for profit membership association working to increase the recycling of carpet waste across the UK” Carpet Recycling UK.

Once our membership application is accepted, SP Carpets will be able to remove and recycle or re-distribute your old carpets following a specific process:

  • The waste carpets will be stored in facilities awaiting collection or delivery to a local baling company
  • The carpets are then cut into much smaller pieces and bound into bales ready for the recycling process
  • Once at the recycling depot, the fibres are stripped from the backing and depending on the composition of the carpet, the fibres and backing are extruded into pellets for re-use
  • The end result of recycled carpets could be anything from washing machine parts through nylon recovery to soil enhancers on green rooves and in compost


CArpet recycling-New carpet-oxfordshire



If you have a small amount of carpet and you want advice on what to do with it rather than sending it to landfill, here’s some ideas from Carpet Recycling UK:

  • Freecycle, Freegle or Furniture Reuse Networks
  • Local allotments
  • Animal rescue shelters
  • Anti-frost windscreen cover
  • Pond liner

And more on their website: What can I do with my old carpet?


Why is recycling carpet important?

An ecological approach to the services of SP Carpets and Flooring is vital in the sustainability of the environment. Carpet Recycling UK has been tracking the waste that goes into landfill over many years and has created this comparison chart that shows just how much waste has been diverted away from landfill over the past seven years.

Carpet recycling-Landfill-New carpet-Oxfordshire


The benefits of recycling are far reaching and long lasting, not just to the environment but to SP Carpets and Flooring and their customers alike, in the following ways:

  • Access to advice on the best methods of safe storage and disposal of waste
  • Increased knowledge of our products
  • Access to a directory of like-minded companies, building a community of ethical business conduct
  • Carpet Recycling UK’s charity partners take suitable carpets and re-use them in their facilities, or in housing
  • Reduced costs on landfill charges


What are the benefits to the customer of recycling carpet?

The benefits to domestic and commercial customers are instant and long lasting:

  • SP Carpets and Flooring always pass on savings to the client
  • Personal confidence that you are taking part in the ethical disposal of waste
  • Confidence in the ethical conduct of your chosen carpet fitters
  • Fewer skips on driveways!

As it stands, SP Carpets and Flooring is in the process of becoming a member of the carpet recycling scheme. So far we have identified a local company that is able to recycle bitumen-backed carpet tiles, often removed from office spaces and other commercial clients’ premises. We are very much looking forward to expanding our recycling provision to all our customers.

SP Carpets and Flooring

Carpet Recycling UK

Desso Ltd, Abingdon

Latest News from SP Carpets and Flooring

Simon recently attended a course for creating stunning looking patterns in Luxury Vinyl Tiles which allows him to sculpt interesting floor patterns and custom fit to customer specifications.  What better way to demonstrate this than on his own kitchen floor!!!!

“We decided to go for Polyflors’ Camaro range in Smoked Brushed Elm with a coffee marquetry strip

With all LVT floors, it is essential to get a perfect surface to adhere the tiles to.  Ours was no different!

The floor was latexed twice to achieve a perfect finish and we also used a liquid damp proof membrane (DPM) after the first layer of smoothing compound to fast track the installation as the new screed had some residual construction moisture” said Simon.









We laid the tiles in a herringbone pattern with a border.  It took a bit longer but well worth the effort!


Obviously, the skirting boards were fixed after the floor was installed and the same with the kick boards on the kitchen units.  This gave a really nice finish.


And here is the completed kitchen!