Please welcome our apprentice – Luke and how to get an apprentice of your own

Meet Luke…

Q: Did you make a choice between a college course and work based learning?

Not really. SP Carpets is our family business and there aren’t really any colleges that offer training in such a specialised trade and skill. It made sense to go down the apprenticeship route so I could benefit from on the job training, earn money and support the family business at the same time.
Q: What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I knew I needed to be qualified for the job I want to do in the future and an apprenticeship seemed the quickest way to start work. Plus it was easy to do. There weren’t many forms to fill out and my employer was very supportive.
Q: Do you think that any new apprentices that might start will feel just as valuable in the workplace as qualified workers?

Yes, definitely! There is a great family feeling with SP Carpets and not just because we are related! Anyone else who might start as an apprentice can expect to be welcomed and valued just as highly.


Q: Would you recommend an apprenticeship to a friend?

Absolutely. The chance to earn money while working on qualifications in your chosen career is a no-brainer to me.

Why did we choose an apprentice over an already skilled worker?

SP Carpets’ theory is the same as many others. We want to improve the industry in which we work by providing the best skilled workers to expand it. Our company’s mission is to make the most of the latest training and technology to ensure your carpet fitting experience runs as smoothly and as uneventfully as possible. Training enthusiastic carpet fitters alongside highly skilled technicians with this purpose is the best way we can grow the industry and fill it with like-minded tradesmen.

If we can demonstrate to our apprentices that we care for them and have a vested interest in their future, then we can hope that our business grows with these purpose driven, newly skilled fitters and they stick around to work for us for a long after achieving their qualifications.

How do apprenticeships work for companies?

We’re talking about ‘modern apprenticeships’, rather than a contract that includes a period of time for training on the job. In our case there is a third party who provides Luke’s training towards the nationally recognised Level 2 in Textile & Impervious Flooring qualification.

If an individual is taking a national apprenticeship it is made up of 4 qualifications: a technical certificate (Level 2 in Textiles & Impervious Flooring) a Level 2 NVQ Diploma which is an assessment based qualification, Level 1 or 2 Functional Skills and ERR (Employment Rights and Responsibilities).

The interesting part is, apprentices don’t need to be new employees, they can be current staff members who wish to expand their capacity for work and growing your business.

We have an agreed contract with Luke to pay at least the minimum wage (grants are available) and to provide him with experienced staff members to work alongside. Luke has a set number of hours to work each week which is also contracted and he has specific and measurable skills to learn. We, as his employer, must allow time for study outside of his workload.

How do you get an apprentice for your company?

There is a lot of advice out there for any business that is considering taking on an apprentice. We would recommend as the first place to start on-line, but we are happy to talk about our experiences if you would like to give us a call. We are very proud to be employers that support apprenticeships and we believe the scheme fits with our ideals as employers that support the industry growth on the whole and that trains exceptional young people to become exceptional service providers.

Give us a ring on 01865 821145 or 07709 266540 if you have any questions. Or follow the links below:


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