Privacy Policy

SP Carpets & Flooring respects its obligations to its customers and online visitors. It will therefore comply with the highest standards to protect consumer and customer privacy on the Internet.

Information usage

SP Carpets & Flooring will only collect personal information for its own use and will be maintained for internal purposes. It will not be sold to third parties nor shared with other linked sites other than those within the company. Should you wish to have it removed from our records at any time then we will do so on receipt of instruction.


SP Carpets & Flooring has taken all reasonable steps to ensure all information received online is as secure as possible against unauthorised access or use. Our security procedures will be reviewed periodically as a matter of best practice to maintain secure information disclosed to our company website.


SP Carpets & Flooring website does contain a link to other websites for the sole purpose of providing access to information you may choose to read on ingredients of our products or other ranges we sell within the portfolio of our brands. We make every effort to link only those that share our values to protect and safeguard your best interests.


SP Carpets & Flooring may use “Cookie” technology to track the total number of visitors to our site. We will not however extract personal information in this process nor share the information externally with other companies.

Overall statement

We are mindful of our role in collecting and storing personal information. We value you as customers and wish to reassure that we respect the information you have disclosed to our company. We may take the opportunity to communicate personally with you should we have information or offers that we consider may be of interest to you. As the Internet becomes even more meaningful as a communication medium then we will utilise our options to use it with care and respect to our customers. Should you have any concerns on the privacy, security or future use of the data then please contact us through the feedback page of this site.