Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl floor tiles for commercial use

Vinyl flooring is primarily chosen for commercial properties and high traffic areas, due to its durability and low cost. Maintenance of vinyl flooring is very easy, if it is laid by professionals a single tile can be replaced as required. The finished floor can undergo repeated buffing and re-sealing of the surface to bring it up to stringent hygiene standards or to improve the polished look as often as necessary. Vinyl flooring is available in a comprehensive range of colours, making it ideal for colour matching corporate branding and creating coloured ‘zones’ for specific uses. Most manufacturers of vinyl flooring include designs that resemble natural materials and one of our favourite vinyl flooring manufacturers, Polyflor has created highly authentic wood, stone, slate and metallic collections. “Realistic surface textures and polyurethane reinforcement make it ideal for commercial and residential sectors” – Polyflor

SP Carpets favourite Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles designs

Two years ago, Simon learned to create unique patterns in Luxury Vinyl Tiles, allowing SP Carpets to fit custom designs to the customer’s specifications. We have extensive knowledge of the products from Polyflor and understand the numerous and particular applications, especially for commercial operation. Some of our favourites include:

Expona Commercial Wood

expona-commercial-wood-SP-Carpets-luxury-vinyl-floor-tiles-LVT   Expona Commercial Wood is a range that emanates the natural beauty of wood floors and brings a comfortable and yet luxurious feel to your workplace. The luxury vinyl tiles come in a wide choice of designs, as shown here. Designs can be chosen that mix the colours giving a textured finish, or single colours for a more refined look. Exppona-Luxury-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets

2000 PUR

2000-pUR-Luxury-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets The bold colours in the 2000 PUR range are perfect for corporate designs. Polyflor say, “High performance combined with optimum style enables the transformation of any commercial environment” Bright-Vinyl-Floor-Tiles-SP-Carpets-Luxury-Vinyl-Tiles

Polysafe Astral

Polysafe-Polyflor-Luxury-Vinyl-Flooring-SP-Carpets The safety aspect of this well-established safety flooring range provides superior non-slip surfaces. 14 vibrant shades make it an easy choice for any commercial application and the ground-breaking Polysafe PUR finish means it stays looking better for longer and doesn’t stain.   Luxury-Viny-Floor-Tiles-Polyflor-Polysafe-Colors-Sp-Carpets

Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl floor tiles from SP Carpets

These are just a few of our favourite vinyl flooring products available from just one of our chosen manufacturers. If you need to replace your commercial floor and are considering vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl floor tiles, get in touch with one of our professional floor-layers and we will happily advise you on your options and the process. Polyflor SP Carpets homepage